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Jessica Hardin

You always hear "why buy flowers, they are just going to die!". I heard this alot growing up and decided, sure they die, but that is what makes them amazing! They are special for just that moment, making that moment memorable. I just love how flowers transform a wedding into something breathtaking, add a little joy to a wintry funeral, and bring a smile to someone who has been lonely. And they just smell amazing! 

Aside from my hobbies and love for floral design, most my time is taken up being with my sweet little girls. They make my life wonderful, and much messier! I feel so lucky that I get to see the world through their eyes every day. 



Whether you need the full works, or just the supplies to do the magic yourself, I want to help! l would love to hear what you are envisioning for your event, and brainstorm together how to make it a reality. Give me a call! We can chat and gush over Pinterest together. 

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