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Fresh Flowers for your Hair

I loved my wedding, no regrets because I married just the right man for me. But, if I were to do the wedding celebration itself over again one thing I would change is my hair! I would put fresh flowers in my hair. When done right, I think it adds such a soft touch that feels timeless. Especially if you are going for a whimsical or bohemian themed wedding you should consider it! Even just a touch of small white blooms tucked into pinned curls would work well for a farmhouse themed wedding. Or if you are going for elegance one or two white orchid blooms on one side is so simple but stunning! Head over to my Pinterest page to see some of my favorite ideas.

This first picture is of my beautiful sister-in-law who eloped to Hawaii! I thought this was a great example of how flowers in your hair can set the whole mood for your wedding theme. Her wedding was elegant, organic, simplistically beautifully, and set in paradise. For me this Haku (type of Hawaiian floral crown) says it all. She even ordered one for my sweet little Lucy :) We took it to the beach the next day and had a little photoshoot.

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