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Do you wish Joanna Gaines was designing your event?

I am a Joanna Gaines fan right along with everyone else :) . I love the elegant simplicity of her products and designs. If you are looking to put together a budget friendly farmhouse style event, consider shopping the Hearth & Hand collection at Target.

One thing that is hard about weddings sometimes is what to do with all the decor items afterwards. You have 10 identical centerpiece vases that you have no idea what to do with! I like the idea of using different pitches and vases from the Target collection to create the centerpieces. Then you could use the different kitchenware to display all the food and even the cake. And then the bride and groom have a great assortment of pieces to decorate their home and entertain guests! It is a two for one, my favorite :)

Here are some of my favorite pieces to consider using for events:

Cake Stands - the collection has several cake stands that could be used for a wedding cake! I think a naked cake would be especially cute with these pieces.

Centerpieces - their are several different trays, vases, pitches, and containers that could be repurposed into centerpieces using fresh florals. Consider having each centerpiece vary, but the overall colors and feel of the piece coordinate.

Displaying Appetizers and desserts - Really any of their dinnerware could be used for this purpose. I love that this way the bride and groom have great pieces to entertain at home with later.

Table Settings: How cute would it be to make use the collections various table clothes, runners, and napkins. Most of them would coordinate well and then once again, the Bride and Groom now have a great selection for their home!

These pictures are from a Texas wedding I did the florals for. It was beautiful! Looking back I wish the Target collection had existed. We could of repurposed many of the pieces to create a very similar feeling. But this gives you an idea of the type of look I am suggesting using the collection's pieces.

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